“If Love is Supernatural” by Cinder Zulu

I feel like I have the world on my shoulders as Atlas, but with adamantium skeleton,
went Rogue like Jean, but like the Silver Surfing villain…i filled with good, just too bad its secretly,
Make the weird the new awesome, i be Doc Strange using my sorcery,
Let my tears speak through the rain, as I’m Storm…

Protect the weak and innocent, yea i mean my innocence as fantasatic Thor,
I wish my heart could like heal as quickly, as Skaar and Wolverine…
**If Love is supernatural, why can’t I be a Marvel hero, and save, my very soul from me, and be all you’d ever please**

Wish I could be the Phoenix Force, and intimidate any hurt that treads my course,
If I was Cyclops, I’d clear any obstacle, by the passion in my eyes..
If I was 2-in-1, be like Iron Man…make impossible, my i can…
my heart in my chest would be my power source, I’d be sure to be with you at any cost.

If only I was Blade, I’d kill undead  memories and their pain..
memories that haunt my very being..
May be I may actually be Franklin Richard and haven’t realized my fill power..
**If Love is supernatural, why can’t I be a Marvel hero, and save, my very soul from me, and be all you’d ever please**

If I could Silver Surf the stars, I’d carve your name and face on Mars,
cause your essence aint of this world, nor deserving of its barrs…
If I had Flash’s speed, I’d dash the seven seas,
distance would disappear, and your there, would be my right here..

Oh! I wish I was Eternity, and like him bend time and reality,
I’d fast track to when you are with me, yeah make reality, my sweetest dreams,
filled with my choco fudge toffee treat, yeah by you and everywhere would be my retreat,
cause your my world, my dream, my reality..

If I could be Magnus or Mistique, be anyone and unlike anything,
Have Professor X’s telepathy, I’d wear your heart on my sleeve..

**If Love is supernatural, why can’t I be a Marvel hero, and save, my very soul from me, and be all you’d ever please**

“Stop, Drop & Breathe” by Cinder Zulu

If the sun could speak, it would tell me- baby go to sleep,

If time could tella  rhyme, turned to song, yea a lullabye, take a piece of me.. a piece of time,

and dont feel shy cause you feel it inside…. Stop Drop & Breathe…

If the wind could whisper unknowingly into your ear, it would say child dont speak, I just want you to listen… hear…

I know you are watching me, and wondering.. as your eyes filled up with tear…

I’ve been all around and seen its best and worst, including here…

I’ve seen the sorrows of the past, those of the future are near…

and dont ask me Why or How, but it’s OK to cry it out, Stop Drop, take me in & Breathe…

If the ground could give a quake, it would hum… “are you awake?”…

After sleepless nights before, I’d wipe my tears and say “sure”…

It goes on to say in a hush and a haze as cold as i seem,

my sympathy has seen, the trouble within thee, I know its heavy and you are trying to hold steady…

but its ok to Stop, Drop on me and Breathe ……..

Hello world!

Cinder’s dictionary meaning: A small piece of partly burnt coal or wood that has stopped giving off flames but still has combustible matter in it.

Don’t you relate yourself to this definition? Everybody has a spark within, a spark which is waiting to come out and turn into a flame one day. Inspired by true incidents, true stories and a true human, this blog will serve as that medium of expression for you, where you can show the world- the cinder face of you.

Happy Reading!